The Forgotten Relics of Stoke-On-Trent

Words and pictures by Chris Knight

If you find yourself in Middle Class England eating cereal from a bowl ladened in colourful repeating patterns that has been carefully “inspected by Rose”, chances are you’re using a bowl from the Emma Bridgewater collection. Based in Stoke, Emma Bridgewater has provided a renaissance to the pottery industry that Stoke is famous for. We took a trip to this wonderful city to find some of its forgotten corners of times gone by and some of the little things that make Stoke great.

Eastwood Pottery – The home of Emma Bridgewater pottery

It’s industrial past can still be seen today as the original Bottle Kilns have been immortalised into the urban landscape. Still the world centre for fine ceramics, Stoke is home to such pottery firms as Wedgewood and its baby, Royal Doulton. However, after last years EU referendum result, Soke was labelled the “Capital of Brexit” with nearly 70% of residents wanting to leave the EU.

Housing, jobs and the future represented concerns in a city proud of it’s traditions and feel the city voted the way it did to send a message that they’ve been forgotten. Whilst our photos show a city bright in character, they also shown parts of the city that have been replaced and neglected but not removed completely. We document these forgotten relics.

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